small bronze sculptures

Figurative Bronze Sculpture    

[since 1986...]

These Avian humans, tribes of nomadic wanderers, or angels, are forms which I intuit. Often possessing  some influence/power  of the feminine archetype.

The beings~ are part animal and part angel. Some dance, and some fly. Yet each one is bound to earth with reluctance.  In this created pantheon, I envision Buddhist Bodhisattvas, Greek Nikes, and arc angels- all existing in liminal "spaces of being".  The sculptures may stand as manifestations of dreams, visual poems, or fleeting realities.

Years into my work as a sculptor, I happened to read Rilke's Duino Elegies, after being calmed & heartened for many years by his Letters to a Young Poet; I had found a kindred spirit. In the Elegies, Rilke's words, his beautiful, poetic interpretations, describe a vision of certain beings who are caught between the flesh (human) and the divine (angel); existing in liminal spaces, or as Wordsworth said,.. in [divine] "spaces of being".


I received an MFA from the American University  in Washington, DC. under Professor Mark Oxman,  with focus on figurative sculpture.  My visual artistic lineage derives in Ancient Egyptian and the Greek Archaic (Nike) sculptures. Later, in spite  of studies in Asian, African, and Buddhist / Hindu art, I remained prominently influenced by western artists- sculptors Michelangelo, Rodin, Maillol, Manzu, Marini and Moore. 


I sculpt with modeling clay or wax. From there I do my own plaster casts. These are  brought to the foundry for the lost-wax process of casting in bronze. I work closely with foundry technicians to complete the bronze sculptures' finished surfaces and patinas.  



phone/text:  860-989-3805

studio:  Rockland, Maine