living near water

Every year for about the last seven or ten, I have noted the date of the first sound of spring peepers. Today, March 1 2017 it happened! This is the earliest ever in Ct. It has been unseasonably warm here the past two days; not sure if it will last. Feels like late April. the air has that spongy smell of earth when things are beginning to grow. (We could get another snow, yet.) but this evening the peepers began to sing.


Butterfly at the Farmington River. 

Butterfly at the Farmington River. 

Seems like those early peepers have gone back into hibernation. We got fourteen inches of snow last week; missed three days of school.  Mid March is bitter sweet. Many memories, as I hang this- my last show in Connecticut. The other night, I thought back to how many years I have been on this quest/journey/dream,... to have a cottage by the sea in Maine.  I  began in earnest about eight years ago. Now I am twelve weeks away from arrival. 

thankful for many  blessings

March 18, 2017

Earth Day, April 22,2017  

if you could call it perfection, what would it look like

how would you know?,.. feel it?,... be it?

wherever you are now

call it perfection, and know, that in this moment it is really enough

           leza lowitz ~ buddha konasana